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Tony triangle stackable side tables by Porada Arredi, set of 6, 1970s


In 1948 Luigi Allievi began his small furniture enterprise fueled by his passion for wood and craftsmanship. Eventually, Porada Arredi was officially founded in 1968. Allievi’s small business was among one of the many artisan companies that arose in Italy after World War II. Italy provided a favourable milieu to these craftsmen. Just before the war the fascist Prime Minister Benito Mussolini enacted the SRL which gave tax concessions to small enterprises. It allowed families to generate a living out of crafting chairs, cabinets, lighting, pots, pans and other utilitarian objects. During the war these activities were stalled, but post-war Italy immediately made an appeal to these craftsmen during the reconstruction period, when there was a great desire for redecoration. Soon these small artisan companies grew out to be big furniture manufacturers such as Porada Arredi.

in stock






l 42 x w 42 x h 40 cm



good vintage condition, two glass plates were lost and have been replaced, showing a slightly different colour


750 (set price)

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