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sold / Penta Abet geometrical postmodern dining table by Toonen design, late 1980s


The Penta Abet table embodies the process of abstraction that furniture design underwent in the eighties. Whereas seventies Space Age design embraced the recognisable shapes of the satellite and planet orbits, in the eighties new, unfamiliar, new forms are being explored. The Penta Abet table appears not as the abstraction of a plane, but rather as the abstraction of its abstraction: the paper folding plane that can even fold inward one of its wings.

The artist responsible for the design of the Penta Abet table remains as mysterious as the name of the design itself. The original proof of purchase informed us that it was produced by Toonen Design, a local manufacturer in Rotterdam. The table was acquired by its former owner in 1990, indicating that it must have been designed in the eighties. The level of abstraction hints at the late eighties.

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l 185 x w 74 x h 125 cm



very good vintage condition



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