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sold / Italian oval glass dining table with an s-shaped frosted base, 1970s


Already in 1932, Pietro Chiesa was experimenting with curving extensive surfaces of glass and realised the first monolithic glass table. It was called Ponte, Italian for ‘bridge’. In the 1970s new glass working techniques were developed by the manufacturer FIAM Italia. It allowed Italian designers to explore the new boundaries of the material’s properties. Following the latest technologies, Angelo Cortesi aimed to emulate Pietro Chiesa by designing an even larger monolithic bridge-like coffee table which he named the Waterfall. Others experimented with table tops separated from their bases in various u mi ndulating forms, such as the s-shape base of this oval dining table. Its curves and glass allows it to blend in easily with any environment, while still drawing attention to itself given its unique design.

in stock






w 112 x l 200 x h 73 cm



good vintage condition, some traces of use on the table top and a few chips



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