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Velvet brown sofa T.E.E. II, Studio Gruppo 14 for Busnelli, 1970s


One of our most special finds until now is this beautiful velvet brown sofa. Its puffy outlines make it reminiscent of a french brioche.

The T.E.E. II sofa was designed by Studio Gruppo 14 for Busnelli in the 1970s and must have only been produced as a very limited edition, as it is the only piece that we have found so far.

It was invented as 'il primo salotto su rotaie' or, the first living room on wheels. Being available as an armchair, a two and three-seater, it was sold together with some sort of rail system on which the seatings could be installed, allowing for them to move sideways. In the 70s it was advertised as the first design that would allow you to move without having to stand up: to reach for your glass, to turn up the volume, to light your sigarette, or, to reach for the hand of your girlfriend.

Who would not want this?






in stock

w 196 cm x d 80 x h 60 x sh 40




very good vintage condition, the velour has obtained a very nice patina. There are some parts of discolouration, see pictures. The inner stuffing is still close to perfect.

5200 eur

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