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sold / Seagull sofa, black leather, by Sylvain Joly for Chateau d'Ax, 2000s


In the early 2000s, the french designer Sylvain Joly reunited space age and awkward postmodern aesthetics for this curious design. The sofa, which he named the Seagull, was produced by the Italian manufacturer Chateau d’Ax. References to the past especially become apparent through the recovery of types and models such as the famous Alky lounge chair by Giancarlo Piretti. Similarly like the Alky chair, Joly’s Seagull reveals its internal structure from its rear side and almost seems to ‘fly’ above the surface, resting on two aluminum alloy bases.






in stock

w 190/245 x d 105 x h 60 cm




mint condition

1350, 1650 eur

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