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sold / Modular sofa in blue wool by Europoltrona, 1970s


This 4 element modular sofa was manufactured by Europoltrona in the 1970s. Europoltrona was an Italian furniture manufacturer founded in Mantova, probably in the 60s of 70s. They seized to exist a few years ago.

The individual elements have been reupholstered in a beautiful blue grayish wool fabric. In their shape they are reminiscent of Mario Bellini’s Amanta. However, the designer of our sofa came up with a clever solution for the fitting of the cushion. Having them made out of one piece, he created a fluent line from top to bottom, making its side view even more appealing.

The sofa is still in mint condition. The fabric is almost without traces of use. The original upholstery is still present underneath. The padding is still thick and soft.






in stock

w 75 x d 80 x h 67 x sh 42 cm




mint condition

750 eur per element

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