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sold / Mission sofa by Jack Crebolder for Harvink, 1980s


In the 1980s Jack Crebolder was active as a furniture designer for the Dutch manufacturer Harvink. Although Harvink released two designs by his hand, over the decades everybody seems to have forgotten about his efforts for the Mission sofa. In 1982 he designed the curvy Turner lounge chair. Given its fluid, sculptural appearance, evocative of the seventies, this was probably his first design for the Dutch manufacturer. It remains unknown when the Mission sofa was released. Its rather sleek, rigid outline, is however more in line with the postmodern aesthetics of the eighties, suggesting its later issue. Crebolder envisioned the Mission sofa not fixed against the wall, but as a freestanding object in an open space.






in stock

w 200 x d 88 x h 68 x sh 43 cm




mint condition

895 eur

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