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sold / Maralunga sofa in cognac leather by Vico Magistretti for Cassina, 1973


For Vico Magistretti the Maralunga was about transformation. It was about the transformability of objects, required by the new family rituals that arose. In the seventies for example, the television became accessible to more and more families. This new way of lazy pastime dictated a different use of a sofa, to which Magistretti cleverly responded with a foldable cushion as an extended headrest.

“I was drawing something for Cesare Cassina. It was all born with an armrest to which a cushion was attached. Looking at it and making it swing, I thought of creating a mobile headrest cushion for a sofa. I exchanged eye contact with Cesare Cassina. Then the Maralunga was born, one of the best selling Italian design items.” (Vico Magistretti)






in stock




good vintage condition, one seat has a tear that has been carefully restored

2450, 2850 eur

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