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sold / Servoluce Terra lamp with candle holder and reflection disk, Enzo Catellani for Catellani & Smith, 1989


Just like Lumière, the speaking and moving candle holder in Beauty and the Beast, the Servoluce Terra lamp appears as if it’s about to come alive. Its human-like features are a recurring element in the oeuvre of Enzo Catellani (see the ‘Nodo terra’ previously also in our collection). This rare Servoluce Terra lamp (1989) has been one of Catellani’s first designs for the manufacturer Catellani & Smith.

The lamp’s structure is centered around a prominent central axis: its spine. It has a halogen light at its top, radiating light upwards. Just below onto the spine two flexible arms are attached. Apart from their aesthetic value, enhancing the human-like appearance of the lamp, they also carry an important function. The left arm features a candleholder, and the right a metal reflection disk that allows for a manipulation of both the flickering candlelight as well as the light emitted by the electric bulb. This unique feature allows its user to shape the lighting effects according to their preferences.






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very good vintage condition



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