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Sculptural ‘porta piante’, or ‘plant stand’, by Salvino Marsura, 1960s


Nowadays we are most familiar with the do it yourself macrame plant hanger or Ikea’s mass-produced metal plant stands that allows for a placement of the plants in different levels. But in the 1960s to Salvino Marsura (Treviso 1938 -), it was not just the plant stand that served as a pedestal to the plant, both were equally important. He saw the ‘porta pianta’ as the artistic extension to the plant itself. In his projects, Marsura pursues the connection between form and idea. In this way, just as the plant is a living creature, he aims to revive the soul of the iron he works with, and in its new shape, makes it appear as if it is alive.

Salvino Marsura’s workshop is located in Treviso. His entire oeuvre is made manually, respecting the footsteps of the blacksmith and is really worth looking into!






in stock

w 63 x h 94 cm



very good condition


1350 eur

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