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sold / Divi Divi chair by Mark van Tilburg for Leolux, 1980s


The Divi Divi chair opens its sleek front legs for you. A warm welcome to provide support to an asymmetrical shape that serves both as back- and armrest. This comfortable chair was designed by Mark van Tilburg in the 1980s. Although the organic shapes of the seventies are still apparent, they clearly blend with postmodern principles of the eighties. Postmodern designers abandoned the idea that there was one right basic shape to each type of furniture. In line with this, traditional notions of functionalism were left behind. Rather than function, forms began to follow emotion, resulting in flashy, awkward designs. For the Divi Divi chair this resulted in the unconventional arrangement of the chairlegs and the asymmetrical shape of the back- and armrest.








very good vintage condition, some discoloration of the wool fabric

in stock



320 eur

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