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sold / Alky chairs by Giancarlo Piretti for Anonima Castelli, 1969


For the Alky chair, the Bolognese Giancarlo Piretti envisioned a design that could be used individually, but that would come best into its own being paired.
Around 1969 Piretti proposed this new timeless design to Anonima Castelli and Artifort. He wanted the soft, organic lines to resonate their seating comfort. This comfort was achieved by what became known as the “Alky System.” This means that first the foam padding is bound to an elastic band system and steel frame, after which it is covered in its wool fabric. Special about this ice blue Alky couple is that they still consist of their original upholstery.






w 66 x d 84 x h 74 x sh 41 cm


very good vintage condition

in stock



875 eur

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