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sold / Alice dining chairs by Giorgio Cattelan for Quia, 1980s


In the 1980s the Italian designer Giorgio Cattelan designed these chairs, following up on the high-back-principle, reintroduced by Vico Magistretti in 1969. Not far from Vincenza, he was born as the youngest of seven sons. He grew up passing his days in his father’s workshop, where he developed a passion for materiality and explored its varying properties and possibilities. Looking at Cattelan’s oeuvre, the use of a wide range of materials is characteristic of his style. Coffee tables combine glass, marble, wood and steel. In the case of the Alice dining chairs however, Cattelan explored the possibilities of one single material. Whereas leather was generally used for a chair’s seating or backrest to provide comfort, Cattelan covered the entire chair with the material, including its legs. In this way he gave the rigid and austere composition of the design a softer appearance. With that he reconsidered the material’s primary purpose.






d 43 x w 46 x h 107 x sh 43 cm


good vintage condition, some signs of use

in stock



80 eur

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