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Leather and wood dining chairs by Pietro Costantini for Ello, 1970s


The chair with a high back rest. With the Gollem chair (see slide), in 1968 this high-back-principle was reïntroduced by Vico Magistretti. After seeing an exhibition he got inspired by the rigidity and verticality of the work of the Scottish architect designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868), and especially by his Hill House chair (see slide).

Magistretti’s popular Gollem chair in its turn must have served as a source of inspiration for Italian designers such as Giorgio Cattelan (see our white Alice chairs) and Pietro Costantini. In reclaiming the high back, not much later it became a hallmark for postmodern aesthetics.

Positioned in front of each other, the Costantini chairs almost appear architectural. Their solid geometric frames are made out of Italian beech wood combined with beautiful leather seating. We have four of them in our collection, in very good vintage condition.






d 43 x w 45 x h 106 x sh 47 cm


very good vintage condition

in stock

2 left


150 eur

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