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Pine wooden dining chairs in the style of Mario Marenco for Mobil Girgi, 1970s


Four sculptures in a row.

These remarkable dining chairs embody a sculptural aesthetic evoking the spirit of 1970s Italian design and craftsmanship. While the exact designer remains unknown, their craftsmanship bears a strong resemblance to the style of Mario Marenco and his Sapporo chairs for Mobil Girgi.

Crafted from solid pine wood, the chairs have a warm and inviting presence, with the natural grains and textures of the wood adding to their character. Their structural integrity and the seamlessly integrated joints, show the exceptional craftsmanship of the designer. The sturdy legs provide the chair with great stability, while its slightly curved back maintains its elegance.






w 43 x d 45 x h 74 x sh 43 cm


very good vintage condition, minimal scratching on some of the seatings

in stock



250 eur

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